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Here are some common questions about Our Products

Coco Peat (Coir Fibre Pith), also known as coir pith or coir , is a by product after extracting fibres from the husk of a coconut. Coco peat is the binding material that comes from the fibre portion of the coconut husk.

The coco peat is washed, dried, screened and graded before being processed into various Coco peat products for Horticultural, Floriculture and Industrial Absorbent applications. Coco peat is usually shipped in the form of compressed bales, briquettes, Grow Bags, slabs and discs. The compressed coco peat is converted into fluffy coco peat by the addition of water. A single kilogram of coco peat will expand to 15 litres of moist coco peat.

When plants are grown exclusively in coco peat, it is important to add nutrients according to the specific plants' needs.