About Us

Our story began when a bunch of us, who were tired of buying poor quality organic produce at high prices wanted to grow our own food. We experimented with different techniques until our path led us to what many call as Sri Lanka's most important tree, "The Coconut". We found out that grow bags made from coconut husks and fibers were perfect for growing top quality procude. From then on we decided to take our idea to the world with the goal of enabling anyone to easlily grow the plants they love.

Our production site is conveniently located in the center of the world renowned "Coconut triangle" in Sri Lanka, within the districts of Kurunagala, Puttalam and Colombo. Hence our products are enriched with the best quality coconut husk and fibers making them ideal for growing a wide range of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

But dont take our word for it, Our high quality products come with a range of certification which include