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The growing medium is usually based on a soilless organic material such as peat,coir,composted green waste, composted bark or composted wood chips.

Grow Blocks

Grow Blocks are made of a specially blended mix of premium coco material enclosed in a permeable fabric. Our revolutionary & out of the box design allows our clients to enjoy maximum benefit from this product, & it’s an ideal substitute to Rockwool blocks.

Made from [x % coconut husks and.....] they come in sizes of [] and is a sustainable, environmental solution which allows you to plan out multiple plant rotations.

  • No preparation is needed
  • Ready for planting out of the box.
  • It is an ideal product for plant germination.

Specifications Specified plants
Standard Size (Dimension)-
50 x 50 mm , 80 x 80 mm , 100 x 100 mm
Roses, tomatoes, cucumbers,
strawberries, eggplant

Husk Chips Disk

Quality compressed husk chip disc which has been specially treated to give excellent results for a variety of potted plants Ideal for home and commercial hydroponics. Husk chip disc with diameter 7 fills a one-liter pot when re-hydrated. Size, Packaging, Quality can be customizable in according to customer request.

Made from Coconut Husk Chip Particles they improve air porosity & water retention capacity in growing Medias. Their size can be easily customized as per your requirements.

  • Husk chips are one of the best soil conditioners found in the grow world which bear comparatively.
  • Free from weeds, prevents insects & harmful fungi.
  • protects the inner germinating seed by resisting excess saturation and salt.

Specifications Specified plants
Standard Sizes (Dimensions) - 12 x 20 , 13.5 x 23
Materials - 100% Coconut Husk Chips, Washed, 3 - 12 mm
Weight - 325 +/- 20g
Gerbera, Orchids, Anthurium

Grow Bags

Grow bags consists of coir peat & husk chips. It is available with 100% coco peat or with a mix of peat and husk chips. The ratio of coco peat to husk chips differ from plant to plan & the required qualities like water retention capabilities & air porosity needs of roots are main deciding factors.

Made from soil less organic material such as peat, coir, composted green waste they are ideal for growing selected produce such as Tomatoes, Straw berries and more.

  • Saves on time and labor as it does not require any digging and heavy preparations.
  • As it can be easily wet and rewet, a grow bag absorbs water readily and has a water holding capacity of 77%.
  • Easily wetted, no dry spots Higher success rate of recovery, compared to Rockwool

Specifications Specified plants
Standard Sizes (Dimensions) - 100 x 14 x 12 cm
Seiving Mesh size - 12mm
Weight - 1.900 kg
Moisture - 15-20% bulk
EC - < 200
pH - 5.5–6.5
mushroom, tomatoes, cucumbers,
strawberries, eggplant, peppers and flowers

Planter Bags

Planter bags are available in standard size or as per your requirement. It is an ideal product for horticulture which provides a medium for water retention and can be a very good alternative to plastic pots used in greenhouses. It can also be used in residences for the same purpose. The plastic material used to make these grow bags are specially formulated to provide long life & durability than most of the products that are available.

An ideal product for horticulture which provides a medium for water retention

  • Eliminate transplant shock when transplanting.
  • Eliminate root damages when transplanting.
  • Maintain same environment when transplanting

Specifications Specified plants
Standard Sizes (Dimensions) – 30 x 20 x 16cm , 30 x 30 x 16cm
Material - 100% natural coco pea
Moisture - Below 20%
EC - 600μs/cm – 1,500μS/cm
pH - 5.5-6.8
tomatoes, cucumbers,
potatoes, eggplant

Coco Disk/Coir Disk

Coco / Coir discs are made of our same excellent quality coir peat. Coco / Coir discs are ideal products for planting seeds and seedlings. The Coco / Coir discs are great for filling small pots or container at home or also in commercial use.

Circular shaped liners which are used in the horticultural industry as a weed preventing mulch around the plant.

  • 100% natural and Good Seed Starter
  • Better rooting media, making it good for seed starter trays
  • Better water maintenance properties

Specifications Specified plants
Standard Sizes (Dimensions) - 30 x 5 x 3 x 30 , 40 x 13 x 7 x 70 , 50 x 10 x 15 x 140
Type - Normal Disc / Jiffy Plugs (Discs covered by Nonwoven cloth)
Moisture - < 15 %
EC - Low EC < 0.6mS/cm
PH - 5.8 6.8
flowers, eggplant

Coco Peat Briquette

Coco Peat is subject to washing, sieving and drying before being converted into the final product. It is pressed into different block sizes in accordance with customer requirements and then shipped to requisite buyers. Coco Peat and Husk chips are sometimes mixed in different ratios before processing, and conversion into the final product depends on the type of vegetation and customer requirement. In horticulture.

Coco Peat is recommended as a substitute for peat moss since it is free of bacteria and fungal spores.

  • Coco-peat is a 100% organic material and using it for hydroponic growing is not hazardous to the environment.
  • It is free of bacteria, fungi and weeds and is produced sustainability without causing any damage to the environment.
  • In spite of having a very high air holding capacity.

Specifications Specified plants
Standard Sizes (Dimensions) – 20 x 10 x 05
Type - Normal Disc / Jiffy Plugs (Discs covered by Nonwoven cloth)
Material - 100% Coco Peat Premium Grade
EC - Average
Weight - 650 +/- 50
tomatoes, cucumbers,